WITTICISM shared the stage with bands like HEAVEN SHALL BURN, ILLDISPOSED, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, Drone and many more.
In this very Biography thou shall find, how it all began…

Witticism in 2013

A Push Through Misty Veil (2004, 2005 and 2006)

Witticism Bandfoto 2006Witticism [read: „wittisism“] was formed November the 25th 2004 in Ilmenau by Feliks Weber and Stefan Zenkert as a proper compensation to their studies of Media Technology (AV Engineering). Only a few days later, during a lecture of electrical engineering, they found in Valery Engelhardt the perfect cast for their lead guitar. Caused by the lack of proper guitar players Stefan decided to also do the rhythm guitar as Vale chose to do the „vocal support“. Non-founding member Tom Täfler started working the Bass from January till June 16th 2005.
That day Marcus Zenkert (Disangelium, Guitar)  joined Witticism as the new Bassist. Further, Stefan´s great interest in the northern mysticisms and the human doom has been the cornerstone of the thematic, which Witticism would digest in their lyrics. And after all, all the different affectations in music of each band member formed the sound Witticism now calls it´s own.
Since a few songs already got written and two cover songs got rehearsed the next step was inevitable …

The first battle (concert) got fought in Idstein on August the 11th 2005 with Disangelium and SpiderPlexum. It´s been such a pleasure! Ever since everything moved on pretty quickly. On December the 3rd our first Album „Oden´s Rain“ got recorded in only 24hours and got released on January the 16th 2006. All got recorded by Christoph Mank & Stefan Zenkert in our little studio.

The Prophecy And A Quick Push (2007)

Since we´ve been working on our next album and lots of battles got fought, we decided to record a 12-Track-Split-Album with Disangelium.
Due to lots of problems during the recordings we soon had to cancel these plans. Time and material were all against us. On top of things Marcus broke his hand. So we ended up just recording a 3-Track-PromoEP during our rehearsal. We sent this very promo to several festivals – so we were out to see, what 2007 might bring…

Witticism 2007Witticism 2007

Everything it seems turns out to be good in the end – despite the average quality of our CD we received many concert-offers as well as we got accepted at the Chronical Moshers Bandcontest – what a surprise! Afterwards we continued doing our University exams and preparing our new full length record. Sadly Vale had to move to Wiesbaden for his further studies. So the recordings would be starting on October the 11th 2007 for real…

None Shall Be Spared (End Of 2007 And 2008)

Time flew by as we again struggled through our recordings. Due to lessons at the University and the fact that Valery could only be in Studio for 4 days, we had to make haste. Somehow we made it through and all records were done by December the 20th. So we could hopefully keep up January the Xth as final release date!
Several things had to be prepared to really keep up with time. Even though everything went well and the mixing didn’t take that much time, we had to push the release date out to 5th of February 2008.

Now it was finally time for the „Shadows Of Thy Creation“ to arise…

Witticism 2008Witticism 2008

We felt like it was the biggest success we ever had. This CD actually earned quite some good criticisms and we were again offered some good concerts! Sadly we had to postpone some of the release shows, but that would not bring us down. So in July 2008 we already started writing new songs for our next album.

With that in mind we were out to see what the next years might offer.

In The Midst Of Battle Heat (2009 and Early 2010)

Witticism 2010Sadly not only the world wide recession gave us a hard time during 2009. We didn’t get many gigs, due to the lack of active underground locations. Also Stefan had to finish his diploma thesis, got married, moved to Heidelberg and had some sad family issues to deal with. Caused by all this, we were only able to play 5 shows in 2009. But we still managed to rehearse at least 10 times and kept on writing new songs! Mission accomplished.

2010 didn’t change much of the course 2009 had put us on. Due to Vale finishing his diploma thesis and Stefan still struggling with his family issues, the early 2010 went by pretty fast and in total silence. But we managed to get our heads together and wrote 3 new songs during one rehearsal session in May.
Hence, the road towards a new album seemed to reappear out of the mist, after all these troublesome days…

Joined Forces (End of 2010 and Early 2011)

Though we had to manage several difficulties we pulled together and wrote the last couple songs to finally finish our new album. It was hard work, since we really wanted to deliver something special. After a great start into a new born 2011, we were able to finally start our recordings in April. The first test runs of the new material on some small gigs provided us with promising feedback… Still we kept on improving the material while recording, having everyone pitch in.

A New Aeon – All Is Build With Blood (2012)

As time flew by way to fast once more we managed to finish our recordings eventually in February. The worst was yet to come. Feliks and Stefan were working on the mix, figuring that the guitar tracks were pretty fucked up. Meanwhile they had to arrange all the synths as well as Feliks had to come up with a decent in- and outro. A final mix was achieved by the beginning of May, still there was lots of work to do. Wrapping up the booklet and finishing up the pre-master material would consume more and more of our precious time – but it would be worth twice the pain as a new aeon was upon us this very year. Sadly we had to sustain casualties throughout the struggle. Marcus was leaving (M.I.A.) Witticism in order to pursue his own style playing the guitar.
As always we would keep up the good spirit and the iron will to fight for what we love doing. Hence, we were able to finally hold the fruits of our labor in our very hands by mid August 2012.
Friends of ours pointed out the fact that after all this struggle it turned out to be the perfect year to release the „Anthems For The World’s Downfall“.
„Within the twilight of the rising sun, all once sacred is about to fall“…
Witticism Band in 2012

Year Of The PLATOON (2013)

Alongside a new album always comes a greater task. Orchestration added a whole new dimension to our sound but also bears a certain difficulty in battle. Even more so, with Marcus being M.I.A. we had to find a way to bring some bass during gigs. Hence, following the footsteps of great musicians like Britney Spears and Madonna we would have to add a partial playback.
Hardened in battle and grim experiences we now have the platoon spearheaded by a dedicated three men task force. Throughout various battles we were able to recruit fresh blood, as well as through the social media and some awesome reviews.
To add the icing on the cake Feliks finally finished his diploma thesis. Hence, as of now the GERMAN DEATH METAL PLATOON is finally back on full duty. „LET THE BATTLE TANK ROLL…“

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